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Armoring Apache HTTP Server with SSL

nfortunately, there are individuals in the cyber world who have nefarious plots to use and abuse data that your Web site users might deem private and sensitive. But if you’re an Apache user (or are thinking about becoming one), you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll teach you how to

Sun’s Open Source OS Is an Elegant Windows Mimic

nless you live under a rock you already know that Sun has developed and released an operating system platform, called the Sun Java Desktop System 2003, or JDS, as part of a complete repositioning of the company’s Java-related software offerings. As part of this repositioning, Sun moved to a flat

Build a Dynamic Web Serving Platform with FreeBSD

ooking for a secure solution for hosting dynamic Web pages but don’t have much money to implement it? Use FreeBSD and its ports collection to install Apache-modSSL, MySQL, and PHP. This open source solution will have you serving dynamic Web pages quickly, reliably, securely, and efficiently?without any out-of-pocket expense. All

Open Source—Programming in the New Unix Community

n this book, five years in the making, the author encapsulates three decades of unwritten, hard-won software engineering wisdom. Using examples from leading open-source projects, he shows UNIX and Linux programmers how to apply this wisdom to build software that’s more elegant, more portable, more reusable, and longer-lived. Chapter 19

Build an Internet Server on a Shoestring

he wide availability of free or low-cost operating system, Web server and firewall software, and the penetration of relatively low-cost broadband service have reached the point where you can set up a complete Web server?from scratch?for very little money. For the first time in history, an average Internet user has

Linux vs. Windows: Choice vs. Usability

uring the recent LinuxWorld conference, Linux proponents loudly celebrated Linux’ increasing importance in the world of software. It’s true that Linux has made great strides in becoming a standard part of the computing landscape, but it has made far more inroads into the Unix space than into the Windows desktop

Windows and Linux: Time for Microsoft to Cede to Coexistence

San Francisco?At a somewhat anemic LinuxWorld 2003 conference in San Francisco, big-corporation Linux supporters showed that Linux has grown up and “gone mainstream,” according to Peter Blackmore, Executive Vice President of the Enterprise Systems Group at Hewlett-Packard, who gave the opening keynote Tuesday. And it’s true, Linux has grown up.

Getting Started with the Eclipse Workbench

he Eclipse Workbench, at the most fundamental level, is merely a platform for software development tools and provides little functionality on its own. With the appropriate plug-in components, however, it’s capable of supporting any type of software development. It is most commonly used for developing using the Java programming language,

The Windows Administrator’s 10-Minute Guide to Installing Red Hat Linux

n this article, you’ll see detailed instructions for setting up the Linux operating system on a Windows computer, using the free Red Hat Linux distribution. We’ll walk you through the preparation phase (downloading software, partitioning, etc.), the NIC setup, installing and setting up the Linux firewall, and setting up user

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