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Power Python: Do More with Less Code

hat’s Power Python, you ask? It’s the effective use of Python language features to get a lot of work done in fewer lines of code. The lambda, reduce, filter, map, and list comprehension constructs are some of the features that best fit this definition. This article examines each one in

Linux Unwired: Using Bluetooth

inux Unwired teaches you to install and configure a variety of wireless technologies to fit different scenarios, including an office or home network and for use on the road. You’ll also learn how to get Wi-Fi running on a laptop, how to use Linux to create your own access point,

Develop Desktop GUI Apps with PHP-GTK, the Standalone PHP

HP, an increasingly popular Web scripting language (see Figure 1), is particularly well suited for the creation of dynamic database-connected Web sites. The two strengths that make PHP a powerful server-side scripting language are its abilities to: embed directly into existing HTML connect to a wide variety of databases Figure

RedHat ES 3.0 vs. SuSE Server 8.0: Battle for the Enterprise

y company, Command Prompt, has traditionally been a Red Hat house. All our managed servers run Red Hat 7.3 or above. We do not support Debian, Gentoo, or any other “hobby” Linux. This is not to say those distributions are not worthy (I use Gentoo and SuSE at home), it’s

Create Python Executables Automatically

his article shows you how to automate the task of creating Python executables via py2exe using Python itself. I call the Python file containing the code This technique requires only one file,; it creates all other necessary files at run-time. First, a short review on the process of

JBoss Meets Eclipse: Introducing the JBoss-IDE

Boss, the open source, J2EE-based application server, has been a favorite of the Java community for a long time. But recently JBoss got a handy new toolkit, thanks to Eclipse—one that may just help the product go from full steam to mainstream. While JBoss has always been applauded for being

Open Source and Security: Letters to the Editor

o call last week’s featured opinion unpopular would be understated to say the least. In his commentary, DevX Executive Editor A. Russell Jones opined that open source software is more likely be altered by those with ill-intentions than is closed source, because such people will capitalize on the availability of

Who’s Guarding the Guards? We Are

he editorial published on February 11, “Open Source Is Fertile Ground for Foul Play,” suggests three areas where security might be a concern for governments when considering open source software. However, all three arguments are flawed “straw men” when subjected to rational analysis. Indeed, some of the author’s own arguments

Building RAD Forms and Menus in Mozilla

n Rapid Application Development with Mozilla, Web, XML, and open standards expert Nigel McFarlane explores Mozilla’s revolutionary XML User interface Language (XUL) and its library of well over 1,000 pre-built objects. Using clear and concise instruction, McFarlane explains what companies such a AOL, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and others already know?that Mozilla

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