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How to Process Your Data Using Apache Pig

Overview Apache Pig is a platform and a part of the Big Data eco-system. The platform is used to process a large volume of data sets in a parallel way. The Pig platform works on top of the Apache Hadoop and MapReduce Platform. As we know, MapReduce is the programming

Exploring the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

This article will explore the basics of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), the underlying file system of the Apache Hadoop framework. HDFS is a distributed storage space that spans across thousands of commodity hardware nodes. This file system provides fault tolerance, efficient throughput, streaming data access and reliability. The

Runnable: The YouTube of Code

Have you ever wanted to discover, run and reuse code from a browser? Well, you might want to take a look at Runnable, which is designed to enable developers to discover, run and instantly implement code for free. Runnable is essentially crowd-sourcing code to let users discover, test and implement

Ten Fantastic Objective-C Libraries for iPhone Developers

After having spent more than a decade working almost exclusively with the web, I decided to branch out and try my hand at something entirely new: iPhone development. The transition was surprisingly difficult, largely because the Objective-C community doesn’t yet enjoy a mature open source software ecosystem available to languages

Building Search Interface Using Apache Solr in .NET

A quick, granular and accurate search interface is of prime importance for most web applications today. Many have traditional search interfaces where the scope of search is restricted to specific fields; thus limiting the ability to get relevant search results. However, most commercial web sites will require an advanced search

Buying Proprietary Software? Protect Your Organization from Open Source Surprises

Open source software has probablybeen the biggest driver of complex software solutions in the last decade.Access to a large variety of quality, peer-reviewed software has acceleratedproduct development, reduced product introduction intervals and lowered thecosts for producers of software and for those of us who leverage third partysoftware in our projects.

Rails Install and Deployment Get Easier with New OSS Tools

Developers around the world have flocked to Ruby on Rails for its simple-to-use framework. Now, a pair of open source efforts are aiming to make it easier to get started with Rails and to get Rails apps properly deployed. On the installation side, using the open source RailsInstaller has been

Rackspace Open Sources Whiskey Framework for Node.js Testing

As Node.js continues to gain adoption, there is an increasing need for tools to help test the applications built on it. When cloud hosting provider Rackspace started to use Node.js and ran up against the testing requirement, they wrote their own testing tool for Node.js applications called Whiskey. Whiskey is

Top 10 Tips for Improving Your Open Source Software Governance

Gartner estimates that by 2013, 90 percent of Global 2000 enterprises will include open source software (OSS) as business critical elements of their IT portfolios — and by 2016, that number will increase to 99 percent. It makes sense that open source use is on the rise. Java developers already

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