vpn for iphone

VPN on iPhone: Why You Should Consider It

In a world that is so technology-centric, cybersecurity is a real threat. While technology like computers and smartphones undeniably benefit our society, they also present new risks. Because we use our devices for many different parts of our lives, the

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wireless mind-reading technology

Wireless Mind-Reading Technology: How Close Are We?

The 21st century keeps coming with massive technological innovations and improvements. Electric cars and battery charging stations now find themselves in nearly every city. Smartphones with the power of a computer replaced bulky cell phones. Virtual reality headsets and high-power

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technology consulting firm

Top Technology Consulting Firms of 2022

Modern society has become increasingly reliant on technology. Technology has become crucial in every aspect of life, from business to home. Kids in school now learn to take notes on a laptop rather than in a notebook. Smartphones and smartwatches

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tech consultant salary

Tech Consultant Salary and Job Description

What is a tech consultant and what is a tech consultant salary look like? Let’s dive into both of these. A tech consultant is an individual who leverages their knowledge of technology within a given industry to find work advising

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what differentiates paas from saas

What Differentiates PaaS from SaaS?

One of the biggest decisions for a company in the modern world is software. Whether you are a small business or a massive global corporation you will need to implement the cloud in your operation. With its prevalence in the

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man at laptop

How to Become a Financial Software Developer

Some of the fastest-growing careers in recent memory are those in the software industry. With the increasing prevalence of smart technology, there is a direct correlation to an increase in the need for software developers. An extremely lucrative opportunity, many

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