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data observability

Data Observability Explained

Data is the lifeblood of any successful business, as it is the driving force behind critical decision-making, insight generation, and strategic development. However, due to its intricate nature, ensuring the

Date Settings Problem (Regional Settings)

Regional Settings, especially dates, are always a problem in code. For example, suppose your product is developed in the U.S. and deployed in the UK. DateTime.Parse would throw exceptions because String

Send Large Data Sets from WCF to Silverlight

The web.config alteration allows a WCF service to feed large blocks of data to Silverlight. If your initial testing of a Silverlight application worked but now you are failing on

Java Code to Filter File Names in a Directory

The following Java code does the following: Filters files for an array of extensions. Splits file names. Tests the resulting array package FileHandling;import java.io.File;import java.io.FilenameFilter;/** * filters files for an

Managed Classes and Object Injection in Java EE 5

This table provides a quick reference for what types of managed classes can inject what object in Java EE 5.   Objects Managed Classes Stateful Stateless Message-driven Bean (MDB) Interceptors

Managing Concurrent Requests with EJB Containers

As you probably know, an important solution offered by EJB containers is the ability to manage concurrent requests and satisfy multiple clients while avoiding unpleasant issues. When the number of

Using EJB Interceptors for Java EE Audits

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3.0 provided the ability to intercept EJB business methods by using AroundInvoke interceptors. Based on these interceptors, you can access the method name, its parameters, and its