jClarity and Waratek partner to fuel Cloud functionality

Tech start-ups jClarity and Waratek join forces to create greater stability, increased density and advanced performance for next-generation Cloud operations. jClarity???s groundbreaking Java analysis tool Censum will be integrated with Waratek???s next generation virtualization technology, providing its customers with operational insight into Waratek???s Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and significant cost

C++ is cool

C++ is so cool??? Just because??? It???s been around for a long time??? It can do a lot of things


Hello,I have submitted a tip “String Literals and Values with Backslash Escape Character in C# and C++CLI” that has a table in the text. The table was not properly formatted when I pasted the text. Please email me a contact email, so I can attach MS word document.Happy Holidays.Thanks,Boris Eligulashvili

How to Create a Free and Simple Captcha Control Using DotNet

This is a simple captcha control. It just creates a random number and shows it as image. You can play around to rotate it, give more effects to make it “only human” understandable. Personally I don’t have much problems with spammers so I use the simplest format as below, I

Launch of Next-Gen Java Performance Program by jClarity

London ??? 12 December 2012 – Leading Java experts unveil their first groundbreaking analysis tool to assist developers with Java issues entitled jClarity Censum.Founded in 2012, jClarity is a London-based tech start-up that creates intelligent products to optimize Java and ensure stability of the Cloud during its infancy. The company

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