Launch of Next-Gen Java Performance Program by jClarity

Launch of Next-Gen Java Performance Program by jClarity

London ??? 12 December 2012 – Leading Java experts unveil their first groundbreaking analysis tool to assist developers with Java issues entitled jClarity Censum.Founded in 2012, jClarity is a London-based tech start-up that creates intelligent products to optimize Java and ensure stability of the Cloud during its infancy. The company is headed up by renowned Java technologists and regular conference speakers Ben Evans, Martijn Verburg and Kirk Pepperdine. Ben and Martijn met Kirk, a Canadian-born Java guru, trainer and consultant, on the conference circuit whilst writing their well-received book ???The Well-Grounded Java Developer???. Having spent many an hour debating the ins and outs of Java, the JVM and performance tuning, the three decided to work together to turn Kirk???s unique methodology into readily available software.jClarity Censum is the team???s initial product, offering stand-out analytics and insight as opposed to solely supplying raw data. The program defines Garbage Collection (GC) performance problems in plain English and advises how to fix them. GC is a difficult, specialized area that can be very frustrating for busy developers, devops and operations teams. Easy to install and use, jClarity Censum delivers the parsing, number crunching and statistical analysis in order to solve GC performance issues and provides solid recommendations to act upon.???Through jClarity, we want to build products and services that truly bring change to the Java / JVM landscape and Cloud performance space??? says CEO Ben Evans. ???Censum advises developers what to do when Java falls over in an easily comprehensive manner, removing the need for a PhD in Computer Science.???jClarity is backed by Aimar Capital, a technology-based venture capital fund based in London and New York.jClarity Censum is available to download at for ??595 per user per year.

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