Visual Basic

Learn Control Array Bounds

You can use a control array’s UBound and LBound properties to determine how many controls are loaded. This code fills a string with the captions in the Label1 control array:

Finding a String in a Combo Box

The CBFindString()procedure searches for a string in a combo box byusing the SendMessage() API function to find a specific entry in the list.This is much more efficient than searching using

Use RLEs to Reduce EXE Size

Many programs use a splash screen to display the logo of the program. The logo is usually made by an image. You used to store it as a BMP (uncompressed)

Saving Information

Question: How do you save information?Say a made a game, and i wanted high scores, how do I want to do that? Answer: You could do it a number of

Using Help

Question: I cannot get the WinHelp API to work. “Bad DLL Convention” but I appear tobe doing everything right (including correction to WinAPI help declaration).Any suggestions? Answer: You could try