Saving Information

Saving Information

How do you save information?Say a made a game, and i wanted high scores, how do I want to do that?

You could do it a number of ways. The most common way is to open a file and write the data into it. You can then read the data back later. Look in the manual under File Operations or File I/O, or just look it up in the online help. That will give you a good starting point. The main functions are Open, Close, Input, Line Input # (to fetch an entire line up to a CR/LF pair) and Print # for output.In VB4.0’s sample folder there is a folder called “fileio”. This contains a sample program called “recedit” which lays out how to “roll your own” database file including how to initialize, read and write to the file. I can’t recall if v3.0 has anything similar but it’s worth a check.


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