Earn Your Snowflake Certification in 5 Easy Steps

Earn Your Snowflake Certification in 5 Easy Steps

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In the modern digital world, managing and working with different software programs means an asset to employers. It used to be that if you could type and use Microsoft Office you would have no trouble finding work. But that’s no longer the case. Nowadays those skills are expected rather than sought after.

Building your capabilities to utilize different and more complex software systems is a great way to differentiate yourself as a quality candidate. Adding certifications proves that you can not only utilize that particular program but also that you have the capability to learn more as needed. One certification that is often overlooked but is extremely valuable is Snowflake certification. In this article, we will take a look at how you can get your Snowflake certification in just 5 easy steps.

What is Snowflake?

Often overlooked but extremely valuable, Snowflake is a unique data management software system. Snowflake is designed to help you monitor, integrate, and share data across multiple devices, platforms, households, or businesses. As a platform based in the cloud, Snowflake can be scaled to any different size or scheme. Snowflake has a wide range of data management tools and warehouses that help simplify an otherwise complex process.

With a Snowflake certification, you are demonstrating that you have the capabilities to work in and with Snowflake solutions of all shapes and sizes. It proves that you have a comprehensive understanding of data storage, management, engineering, and sharing. If you are looking to break into any sort of tech-related industry, a Snowflake certification can give you a major leg-up on the competition.

The primary Snowflake certification, SnowPro Core Certification, demonstrates a broader understanding of the software as a whole. Also, it remains the primary certification anyone wanting to understand the Snowflake software needs to acquire first. Along with SnowPro Core, Snowflake also has 5 different advanced role-based certifications to look into. (Data Architect, Data Administration, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, and Data Scientist)

5 Easy Steps to Get Your Snowflake Certification

1. Register for the Exam

The first step to obtaining your Snowflake certification is to register for the exam. Registration for the exam cost $175. Plus, you take the exam can either online or at a designated on-site testing location. You can find more info here Snowflake Exam.

 2. Download the Snowflake Exam Study Guide

The best way to prepare yourself for the certification exam is to download the Snowflake Exam Study Guide. The study guide covers a number of subjects likely seen on the certification exam. Within the study guide are a number of blogs, videos, practice exercises, and other content that can help to prepare you for the actual exam. Also included in the study guide is information on the exam format, test weighting, and other important background knowledge. While using the study guide doesn’t guarantee success on the exam it is undoubtedly a great place to start.

3. Check Out Snowflake’s Paid Prep Courses

Along with their study guide, Snowflake offers a number of paid Exam prep courses. Offered in these courses are private lessons and public classes, all of which can help you take your preparation for the exam to the next level. While these courses aren’t necessarily needed to pass the course they definitely bring something extra to the table. Browse their website and consider a prep course that best suits your need.

 4. Take the Exam

After utilizing the study guides and checking out the prep courses, all that’s left to do is to take the actual exam. As aforementioned, the exam can be administered online or at a designated on-site testing location. The exam covers a number of subjects across 100 questions. Test takers will be given 115 minutes to complete the exam. Test questions will be multiple choice or multiple select. In order to pass the exam you must score 750 or higher. (Tests score from 0-1000)

5. Utilize Your New Certification

Once you’ve passed the exam the only thing left to do is utilize your certification. The SnowPro Core certification is great information to include on sites like LinkedIn that showcase your skillset. Having the Snowflake certification is a surefire way to differentiate yourself as a quality job candidate.

Conclusion: Get Your Snowflake Certification in 5 Easy Steps

With a Snowflake certification, you demonstrate that you are capable and qualified to operate the Snowflake software in a wide array of uses. You separate yourself from other job candidates as someone who is highly competent in the world of data management. In order to get your snowflake certification you just need to take the following steps:

  1. Register for the Exam
  2. Download the Snowflake Exam Study Guide
  3. Check Out Snowflake’s Paid Prep Courses
  4. Take the Exam
  5. Utilize Your New Snowflake Certification

Make use of this guide and get started on your Snowflake certification today.

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