Spell Checker Add-In for VS.NET 2003

This Visual Studio 2003 add-in provides a multi-language spell checker for your comments and string literals. It uses a procedure similar to MS-Word but provides additional features useful for programmers. Without setting any options it knows how to spell check C#, VB.NET, C/C++, C++.NET, J#, HTML,XML, Java, and other text-based files. You can also customize it to spell check other types of files or programming languages like scripts and batch files. The advantage of this add-in over commercially available VS.NET spell checkers is (1) Its free, (2) only checks what you request (strings, comments, strings/comments, or all text), (3) it has an option to split mixed-case and camel-cased words so it knows that “MyFileName” is valid and “MyFileeName” has the word “Filee” misspelled – not the whole word, (4) you can provide regular-expressions that always identify a word as ok or misspelled, (5) it can preserve all your Ignored Words and Changed Words between each spell check, so stopping doesn’t mean re-ignoring/re-changing words, (6) you can skip whole lines or entire files, and (7) you can provide up to two custom dictionaries. You are only required to have MS-Word 2000 or higher because this add-in needs the objects they expose. Help & a setup are provided.

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