The Role of Cybersecurity Press Release Distribution in Building Brand Awareness

The Role of Cybersecurity Press Release Distribution in Building Brand Awareness

Cyber threats are on the rise, and businesses need solutions. This growing demand represents a significant opportunity for cybersecurity companies to get their brands out there and into the minds of their target audience. But how exactly can a cybersecurity company build awareness and establish thought leadership? One highly effective strategy is leveraging press releases.
Now, it’s likely that some of you may think that press releases are outdated or simply have no place in our digital, social media-driven world – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When done right, press releases can still pack a serious punch.
The key is distribution. Getting your release picked up by major outlets is critical for brand lift. However, it takes some PR savvy and the right press release distribution service. In this post, we will walk you through the basics so you can start better leveraging press releases to grow your cybersecurity brand. Let’s get into it!

Why Press Releases Work in the Cybersecurity Space

Why Press Releases Work in the Cybersecurity Space Press releases deliver several powerful branding benefits that make them a perfect awareness vehicle for cybersecurity providers:

Increased Online Visibility & Discovery

The main benefit is increased visibility and discovery. Getting your press release featured in significant business and tech publications like the Associated Press, MarketWatch, InfoSecurity Magazine, and Yahoo Finance exposes your cybersecurity brand to much larger, high-value target audiences.
We’re talking visibility at scale in front of decision-makers and security buyers actively searching for solutions like yours. Services like Cybernewsire even specialize in targeted distribution to cybersecurity and IT reporters, amplifying your exposure.

Mainstream Credibility & Association

Secondly, press release coverage alongside mainstream, widely trusted news platforms builds tremendous credibility for your cyber brand through association. Many of the outlets enjoy strong reader trust and industry credit. Your company being covered amongst these prestigious sites makes a powerful statement that you are a legitimate player in the space worth looking into. It’s credibility by association.

Thought Leadership Positioning

Earned press release coverage also enables superb thought leadership positioning for your executives and spokespeople. Reporters will pull quotes to use in articles, spotlighting your perspective and cybersecurity insights. This showcases your team as trusted go-to voices in cybersecurity—a key goal in any awareness-building effort. There’s no faster track to industry expert status than repeated media features and commentary.

Increased Website Traffic

Lastly, press releases drive more visitors to your site through embedded hyperlinks pointing readers to your cybersecurity content. Releases act as anchored traffic sources. Readers click on links to access your thought leadership resources, visit product pages, or consume related materials. The increase in domain and page authority also boosts search visibility.

Cybersecurity Press Release Best Practices

Now a successful press release hinges on a few key factors:
  • Newsworthy Angle – Frame your news in an interesting way reporters want to cover. Surveys, cutting-edge offerings, new endpoints detected, etc.
  • Value Proposition Focus – Clearly explain how your solution solves customer security challenges. Simplify cybersecurity.
  • Credible Data – Back claims with verifiable data and supplement with meaningful quotes from executives.
  • Keyword Optimization – Research terms reporters use and then seamlessly integrate them.
  • Multimedia – Increase pick-up chances by attaching images, videos, infographics and embed codes.
Without applying these best practices, your release may float unseen to the bottom of journalists’ inboxes. We can’t have that if our goal is security brand awareness.

Cybersecurity Press Release Distribution Tips

Okay, so you crafted an airtight press release. Now you need distribution with media access to make some noise. Here are five pro tips for being seen by major publications:

Retain Established Newswire Services

The best way to achieve wide press release coverage is by retaining industry-specific newswire services like PR Newswire or PR Web. Their databases and connections with major cybersecurity and tech reporters are worth the investment. Press release wires drive visibility.

Personalize Media Outreach

Even with newswire amplification, brands should take time pitching releases individually to targeted reporters. Follow up post-distribution with personalized emails to top journalists, reminding them of your news. Relationships and 1-on-1 outreach improve coverage rates.

Promote Coverages On Owned Channels

Repurpose any secured press release feature by promoting it across your owned social channels, email lists, etc. This further extends the awareness impact. Cybersecurity brands struggling for market visibility can’t let earned media opportunities go to waste!

Pursue Satellite Media Tours

Set up satellite media tours to share additional cyber perspectives on TV stations regionally or nationwide. This is great for reinforcing leadership positioning. The combo of print, online, and broadcast exposure is powerful.

Monitor & Research Outlets

 Continually monitor outlets covering your cybersecurity niche. Note article themes, data sources, and spokespeople’s perspectives. Then, research reporters behind the coverage. These insights inform future press release shaping for better media pick-up. The more dialed into trends and journalists’ tastes, the better your chance at tier-1 placements.

Final Word

Hopefully, this gives you a clearer sense of how to fully leverage press releases for cybersecurity brand building. When executed and distributed well, they can drive serious awareness. Remember — the key is crafting compelling news angles that reporters want to cover. Cyber threat statistics, new attack vectors detected, product innovations…these data-driven stories perform.
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