Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Platform: Top Attractions for Developers

Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Platform: Top Attractions for Developers

Microsoft’s Amitabh Srivastava says Azure surpasses other cloud platforms because it has targeted developers from the very beginning. “We support any language and multiple frameworks. We provide a rich ecosystem of technology or you can use open-source software like MySQL or Apache. Our approach is we don’t put any shackles on the developer,” says Srivastava.

Here’s a quick overview of what Redmond says attracts developers to Azure:

  • .Net and Visual Studio integration means Azure has a low adoption curve.
  • It supports multiple languages and tools including PHP, Tomcat, Eclipse and MySQL.
  • It can be deployed on- or off-premises.
  • It reduces IT management costs.
  • Azure offers tools for cloud application development like Windows Azure Content Delivery
  • Network, IntelliTrace in Visual Studio and SQL Azure Database.

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