Apigee Buys Usergrid

Apigee Buys Usergrid

Cloud development tool provider Apigee has announced the acquisition of mobile development tool provider Usergrid. “The goal for Usergrid is to be able to provide the developer with an instant mobile back-end stack,” explained Ed Anuff, Usergrid’s former CEO. “When a developer looks to use a mobile back end, it saves maybe 80% of the cost of developing an application.”

Now that Apigee has acquired Usergrid, “it’s going to allow us to get this to market in a faster way,” added Anuff. “We’re going to be able to deliver it as a cloud service, which was our goal in the launch of Usergrid. Mobile app developers want this to be a seamless, one-click experience. With Apigee, there was a common vision in the way that APIs should be built and consumed.”

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