6 Ways Cloud Development is Changing Enterprises

6 Ways Cloud Development is Changing Enterprises

According to Bart Copeland, CEO of ActiveState, cloud computing, specifically private and hybrid platform as a service (PaaS), is poised to shake up enterprise application development. He predicts six changes will occur before 2015:

  1. “Mobile apps will drive enterprise cloud and private PaaS adoption.”
  2. “Private clouds will dominate the enterprise market for now… but hybrids will win in the end.”
  3. “Smaller ‘public PaaS’ players will dwindle as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) subsumes PaaS.”
  4. “2013 PaaS purchase criterion: deployment acceleration. 2015 PaaS purchase criteria: administrative control, true polyglot development, easy extensibility to Big Data.”
  5. “Beyond polyglot, ‘anyglot’ development will move apps forward in ways we can’t yet imagine.”
  6. “Agile development will be so agile we’ll need a new name for it (‘SuperAgile’?).”

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