Agile Software Development and the Internet of Things

Agile Software Development and the Internet of Things

At the Agile2015 conference in Washington, Anders Wallgren, CTO of Electric Cloud, spoke about the intersection of agile software development processes and the Internet of Things (IoT). ?Software has become the primary driver of innovation and disruption,? he said. ?To stay competitive, we have to deliver better software faster.?

He said that IoT development is different than traditional embedded development because the software on IoT devices will be upgraded over time. ?The expectation really is very different than what it used to be,? he said. ?The expectation was I buy something, and it has software, and that software is for life. Now the expectation is no, you are going to fix that bug. The job of the software team is not done when you ship the device.?

Wallgren added that IoT developers need to adopt agile practices like DevOps and Continuous Delivery to meet these new expectations.

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