CloudFoundry Announces PaaS Certification Program

CloudFoundry Announces PaaS Certification Program

CloudFoundry has launched a certification program aimed at ensuring portability across various vendors with platform as a service (PaaS) offerings based on CloudFoundry code. Already, several cloud computing vendors, including CenturyLink AppFog, HPE Helion Cloud Foundry, IBM Bluemix, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, SAP HANA Cloud Platform and Swisscomm Application Cloud, have earned the certification.

In a press release, Cloud Foundry CEO Sam Ramji said, “Today’s news heralds the next era in cloud computing. In the first generation of cloud computing, companies sacrificed portability and choice for speed and cost-efficiency, tying themselves to a single cloud provider such as Amazon or Google. As we enter the second generation, businesses are committing to the cloud for the long term. As a consequence, they are demanding an industry standard in order to regain control of their applications and reduce complexity. Cloud Foundry Certification gives businesses an open standard for PaaS that delivers both portability and speed.”

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