Employees Don’t Like Enterprise Mobile Apps, Survey Finds

Employees Don’t Like Enterprise Mobile Apps, Survey Finds

A new survey conducted by ResearchNow and Mobiquity finds that 58 percent of employees at mid-to-large enterprises have abandoned the mobile apps they are supposed to be using. Why? 43 percent of smartphone users and 41 percent of tablet users said they weren’t impressed with corporate-approved apps.

In addition, 64 percent of those surveyed said they have downloaded and used apps of their own choosing for work purposes. Only 26 percent of smartphone users and 20 percent of tablet users say they stick to the apps approved by their employers.

Obviously, enterprise application development teams have some work to do when it comes to mobile development. “It’s clear that employee satisfaction with corporate mobile apps is falling short,” said Mobiquity’s Scott Snyder. “To ensure greater app engagement – and reduce the privacy and security risks associated with rogue app usage – enterprises must adopt the same best practices as they do for customer-facing apps. Identifying use cases and user personas is key to designing rich, mobile app experiences that keep employees engaged and productive.”

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