IBM BlueMix PaaS Achieves General Availability Status

IBM BlueMix PaaS Achieves General Availability Status

IBM has made two notable announcements related to the IBM Cloud Marketplace. First, its BlueMix cloud development platform is now generally available. The platform as a service (PaaS) runs on SoftLayer infrastructure and incorporates a wide variety of tools from IBM and its partners, including tools to support DevOps, agile software development, mobile development, big data, the Internet of Things and more.

Second, IBM launched a cloud-based big data service called IBM Navigator on Cloud. “With today’s news, IBM is fulfilling an unmet need in the marketplace by providing a new service that combines enterprise-grade security, governance and integration with mobile and web apps that are easy to interact with and use,” Doug Hunt, General Manager of Enterprise Content Management at IBM, said. “This new offering surpasses the promises of our competitors, and offers clients a simple and easy experience to learn, try, and buy it.”

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