IDC: 80% of Global 1000 Companies Will Adopt DevOps by 2019

IDC: 80% of Global 1000 Companies Will Adopt DevOps by 2019

Researchers from IDC are predicting that 80 percent of the 1,000 largest companies in the world will adopt DevOps practices by 2019. “One of the most revealing aspects of this benchmark research is that a growing number of IT organizations are using new automation and performance management tools across both the development and operations teams, and linking these projects through DevOps practices,” said Stephen Elliot, Research Vice President of IDC?s IT Infrastructure and Cloud practice. “These organizations are delivering business value in the form of cost avoidance, while increasing the speed and quality of their customer impactful services.”

The firm adds that IT culture remains one of the biggest barriers to DevOps adoption. It found that only 9.2 percent of companies surveyed have a culture “at the optimized stage” for DevOps. According to IDC, “These results show that organizations should put more effort into creating an IT culture of collaboration, teamwork, sharing, empathy, communication, trust, quality, and the need for measurement/metrics.”

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