Microsoft Exec Compares Windows 8 Programming to Bingo

The Register recently talked with Microsoft corporate vice president Soma Somasegar on the company’s plans for supporting development platforms. When asked about all the recent changes, Somasegar admitted, “We’ve had a fair amount of churn in our platforms.” However, he noted that several Windows development tools have “stood the test of time.” He promised, “The goal is definitely to have more consistency. The Windows team is absolutely focused on that. Any technology you see shipping as part of Windows 8, we are very committed to that. And we want to have more consistency in our platform technology even across multiple device form factors. But there is more work to be done. This is evolving, and Windows 8 is a huge step forward.”

He added that Microsoft wanted to give developers lots of choices among programming languages. “It’s really a bingo card,” he said. “We have to decide how we populate the bingo card in a timely manner, and sometimes some part of the programming stack might be slower. It’s a balance that we constantly think about.”

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