Microsoft Has More Open Source Contributors Than Any Other Organization

Although it was once a fierce enemy of the open source movement, Microsoft now has more open source contributors on GitHub than any other organization. New data released by the popular code hosting service shows that Microsoft has 16,419 open source contributors while Facebook has 15,682. Other top organizations include Docker (14,509), Angular (12,841) and Google (12,140).

Other noteworthy tidbits from the report included the following:

  • JavaScript is the most popular programming language on GitHub with more than twice as many projects using it as use Java, which was in second place.
  • Other top programming languages on the site include Python, Ruby and PHP.
  • GitHub repositories had more than 5.8 million active users from more than 331,000 active organizations last year.
  • GitHub now hosts more than 19.4 million active repositories.

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