Next Windows Update May Downplay Metro Interface for Desktop Users

Currently, Windows 8 and 8.1 allow users to switch between two different interfaces: the traditional desktop interface for keyboard/mouse input and the modern “Metro” interface for touch input. ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley is reporting that the interface users see in the next version of Windows will depend on the types of devices they are using. Desktop users will primarily see the traditional desktop interface, while tablet uses will get only the Metro interface with no option for using the desktop interface at all. Two-in-one or convertible devices will continue with the current arrangement of being able to switch back and forth fairly easily.

Microsoft’s apparent goal is to appeal to enterprise users who were turned off by the touch-enabled Windows 8 interface and who are sticking with Windows 7 for now. However, these decisions could impact the size of the market for developers who have created Windows apps for the Metro interface.The next version of Windows is codenamed “Threshold” and may or may not be called “Windows 9” when it is released. Unnamed sources say Threshold is slated for release in spring of 2015.

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