Report: Big Data Jobs Becoming Harder to Fill

Report: Big Data Jobs Becoming Harder to Fill

According to staffing firm TEKsystems, which publishes a list of the most difficult categories of positions to fill, it’s getting harder for enterprises to hire for their big data jobs. “Big Data analytics continued its progression, now placing in the top five for the first time,” the company said. “Project managers, architects and BI at some time have placed within the top five during the course of the year.”

The report added, “Three skill sets — programmers and developers, security and software engineers — consistently placed in the top five most difficult positions to fill with exceptional talent throughout three-quarters of 2015,” the company said. “Programmers and developers — originally forecasted as the most difficult to fill — declined throughout the year, but regained the top spot at the end of September.”

TEKsystems also noted that developers and data scientists are able to command top salaries as a result of the shortage of qualified applicants for jobs.

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