Report: iOS Captured 73%of Enterprise Market in Q4

Report: iOS Captured 73%of Enterprise Market in Q4

According to the latest quarterly Mobility Index Report from Good Technology, 73 percent of all devices activated by Good’s enterprise customers during the fourth quarter of 2014 ran iOS, up from 69 percent the previous quarter. Android activations declined slightly to 25 percent of the market while Windows Phone and Microsoft Surface together accounted for about 1 percent of the activations. The report credited the launch of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus for the iOS success.

The report also noted an increase in demand for secure apps among enterprise users. Secure mobile browsing was the most commonly activated app during the quarter, with activations up 197 percent from the third quarter. Similarly, secure instant messaging activations climbed 131 percent, and secure mobile apps in general increased 65 percent quarter over quarter.

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