Review: How Do Popular MBaaSes Compare?

Review: How Do Popular MBaaSes Compare?

Many enterprises choose to use a mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) to speed development and help power their apps. These cloud computing services typically provide functionality like push notifications, file storage, integration with Facebook and Twitter, location services, messaging, user management and usage analysis tools.

While the basic services MBaaSes offer are generally very similar, their approaches and implementation can be quite different. InfoWorld recently reviewed five MBaaSes: AnyPresence, Appcelerator, FeedHenry, Kinvey, and Parse. It gave the highest score to AnyPresence and concluded that it “offers more value than the others for enterprises that need to integrate their existing systems with mobile applications, as it generates customized SDKs, along with apps and back ends, from your model and design.”

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