SAP, Apigee Partner on API Management

SAP, Apigee Partner on API Management

In another sign of the growing importance of APIs, enterprise software vendor SAP will begin reselling API management software from Apigee under the name SAP API Management. The tool controls which APIs can access an enterprise’s back-end systems and minimizes the need for developers to make code changes. Joav Bally, a chief product manager at SAP, compared SAP API Management to a bouncer, explaining, “It decides who gets into the club or not.”

IDC analyst Al Hilwa noted, “APIs are hot, and not just for digital businesses. In a way, all companies are finding ways to connect with customers and partners through digital means, no matter the product. This is driving a huge wave of architecting systems for external use through APIs.”

SAP API Management can be deployed on premise or on SAP’s HANA cloud computing platform.

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