Survey: Half of IT Architects Using APIs

A new survey confirms that APIs use continues to grow. The research, conducted by vendor Axway, which acquired API and identity management firm Vordel, found that 50 percent of IT architects either currently use or plan to use APIs. Thirty percent say their firms have created APIs to expose their own applications to third parties. In addition, 29 percent of those surveyed were using external APIs to create mobile apps, and 22 percent were using APIs to connect their in-house apps to cloud computing services.

API adoption is driven by “the need to increase productivity, reduce costs by accelerating the time to integrate applications and to on-board new third parties, [both] customer/suppliers,” said Axway vice president for innovation and Vordel co-founder Mark O’Neill. “Within the enterprise [and] B2B computing world, SOA services are still prevalent, but now APIs afford a way to easily extend these services to third parties.”

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