Windows ‘Threshold’ May Add Virtual Desktops, Eliminate Charms Bar

Windows ‘Threshold’ May Add Virtual Desktops, Eliminate Charms Bar

Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet says that her sources confirm a couple of new rumors about the next version of Windows, codenamed Threshold.

First, the release is likely to include virtual desktops, which have long been a feature of Linux. Virtual desktops allow users to designate groups of apps as a virtual desktop and then to switch between those groups. For example, you might have a virtual desktop with the apps you use while working from home, one with the apps you use for editing video, one that turns your PC into an entertainment hub, etc.

Second, the Charms Bar looks likely to be eliminated for desktop users and possibly for tablet users as well. The Charms Bar, which has been somewhat controversial, currently connects users to search, the Start screen, settings and sharing features.

Users could see a preview version of Threshold sometime this fall.

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