Working for Scrooge

Working for Scrooge

In this article, Datamation’s Eric Spiegel recounts a time when he had a Scrooge for a boss. The manager first approved holiday vacation time, then forced the entire development team to work over the holidays, telling them they should be thankful they had Christmas day off.

So how can you tell if your boss is a Scrooge? Spiegel says there are five signs:

  1. “He approves time off for the holidays, only to revoke it with little warning.”
  2. “He leaves to ‘run errands’ while the team works late at night.”
  3. “He ignores the positives and focuses on the negatives.”
  4. “He takes credit for your work.”
  5. “He monitors everything you do and then uses your seemingly innocuous, everyday actions against you.”

If your boss is a Scrooge, don’t despair–there is one benefit: you’ll know how not to act when you become a manager.

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