Xamarin, Sencha Announce Oracle Partnerships

Xamarin, Sencha Announce Oracle Partnerships

During this week’s Oracle OpenWorld 2015 event, mobile development tool vendors Xamarin and Sencha both announced that they are partnering with Oracle. For Xamarin, that means developers using Xamarin Platform will now be able to add the Oracle Mobile Security Suite’s mobility management and identity capabilities to their iOS and Android apps. In addition, the two companies are linking together the Xamarin Test Cloud and the Oracle Developer Cloud, both of which provide testing capabilities.

Similarly, Sencha said that its Web Application Lifecycle Management Platform will integrate with the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service. “The Sencha Web Application Lifecycle Management Platform uses the power of modern Web technology to empower enterprises to design, develop, deploy and manage mobile Web applications that deliver the right end user experience on the right screen at the right time,” the company said. “By connecting Sencha?s Platform to Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, enterprises can easily tie their front-end mobile Web applications with Oracle?s comprehensive back-end mobile cloud service including enterprise security, push notifications, authentication, data storage, diagnostics and analytics.”

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