DevX Special Report: Field Guide to the Mobile Development Platform Landscape

DevX Special Report: Field Guide to the Mobile Development Platform Landscape

Get complete reviews of all the leading mobile development platforms: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows, webOS and Symbian, as well as the top contenders in the mobile database market. You’ll learn their features, requirements and support options — all the information you need to choose the right platform for your mobile development project.

The leading smartphone platforms each have an array of pluses and minuses. What’s the best smartphone platform for your company?

The rise in the use of mobile devices has led many a developer to throw up their hands in frustration. Should a business require both a website and a mobile application? This report discusses why the future may lie in HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript applications that work equally well on all mobile platforms.

Here’s everything you need to know to begin developing applications on the Android platform.

The iPhone’s popularity is exponential, and developers are jumping on board to create apps for both the iPhone and its sister tablet, the iPad. In this report, we’re going to look at the iPhone, its features, developer tools and support, costs, demographics, and how the iPhone shapes the future of mobile web development.

Learn the essentials of BlackBerry development so you can decide whether and how the BlackBerry platform fits into your mobile development strategy.

Get all the BlackBerry development information you need to complete and successfully market your BlackBerry apps.

See why this aging platform manages to stay successful in the business world and how Windows Mobile 6.5 stacks up against its competitors.

Microsoft looks to the future with Windows Phone 7, is it enough to catch up with the competition? Read along to learn how WP7 differs from past versions of Windows Mobile and how it matches up against its rivals.

With a JavaScript-based application framework and a goodie-laden SDK, the webOS platform is a viable option for mobile developers.

Devices based on the Symbian OS account for about 50 percent of smartphone sales.

Today’s workforce and consumers have become increasing mobile. Businesses crunched by the economy or squeezed by competition look to mobile computing to gain competitive advantage. This report examines the top contenders in the mobile database market space, starting with SQL Server Compact, Oracle Database Lite and IBM DB2 Everyplace.

Crunched by the economy and squeezed by competition, businesses and consumers alike are turning to mobile computing. This report wraps up our overview of the top contenders in the mobile database market with a look at Sybase SQL Anywhere and SQLite.

Get a side-by-side comparison of the leading mobile development platforms. This breakdown of Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows, webOS and Symbian also includes an at-a-glance matrix of mobile databases.
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