#4: Java, C++, C#, and VB.NET

#4: Java, C++, C#, and VB.NET

Becoming familiar with the basics of each of these languages goes a long way to ensuring well-rounded development capabilities. While one language may seem more daunting than another, we think these four languages are not only integral to application and Web development today but will continue to be in the years to come. Rather obviously, as all these are OOP languages, the articles in the OOP section also apply. But here are some articles that you may not have seen


Reinventing the Art of Creating Command-line Java Apps
Boost Efficiency with a Performance-tuned Debugging Strategy
10 Java Maxims
The Proper Way to Do Exception Handling
Master Font Manipulation in JavaAn Introduction to Network Programming in Java

Track Performance of Distributed Systems
Create BitInputStream and BitOutputStream Classes
An Introduction to Java Thread Programming
Using Object-Oriented Databases: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Multithreading in C++ and Java

Sun Training Distance Learning, Online Courses and Certification
O’Reilly Learning Lab: Learn Java
Technical Web Development Package

Good Links:
java.sum.com: The Source for java Technology
Java Boutique
Java Wolrd

Discussion Groups:
DevX java.getting.started Discussion Group

Java Programming: From the Beginning, by K.N. King


Tips, Tutorials and Information for C/C++ Programming
C++ Language Tutorial

How to Generate C++ Class Template Definitions
How to Create Persistent Objects
How to Use Classes for File I/O
Integrate COM Components
Enhance C++ Classes With Database Support
Access Raw Data with Performance Counters in Visual C++

Using String-Based Data Validation
Overloading Operator + the Right Way
Multithreading in C++ and Java
Cross Language Barriers with SOAP and a Java Web Service

DevX eLearning: Technical General Package
Introduction to C++ Programming

Good Links:
C/C++ Users Journal
The C++ Programming Language

Discussion Groups:
DevX c++.getting.started Discussion Group

C++ Primer Plus (4th Edition), by Stephen Prata.


C#: Why Do We Need Another Language?
Get Productive With C#
Clear Common C# Hurdles
Dealing with DllImport (Part 1 of 2)
Dealing with DllImport, (Part 2 of 2)
Get Started with Multithreading in .NET

Introduction to C#
C# Series
Introduction to C# Programming for the Microsoft .NET Platform

Good Links:
MSDN Microsoft Visual C#.NET Home Page
C# Corner
C# Introduction and Overview
C# Station
Master #

Discussion Groups:
DevX csharp.general Discussion Group

Learning C#, by Jesse Liberty.


Visual Basic.NET from Top to Bottom
Manipulate Strings Faster in VB.NET
Work With Objects in .NET
Whip Forms Into Shape
Add Multithreading to Your VB.NET Applications
Use Visual Inheritance to Speed UI Development with VS.NET
Get Started with Multithreading in .NET

Smack the Santa: Creating a Game in VB.NET

Creating Windows Services in .NET
Using Abstract Classes in Visual Basic.NET

VB.NET Application Development
Introduction to ASP.NET
Microsoft Training and Certification: Courses for Microsoft .NET
Visual Studio .NET: Introduction

Good Links:
Microsoft.com .NET Home
DevX Microsoft .NET Summit Days
DevX AppDev .NET Developer Workshop
Dotnet Zone
Planet Source Code .NET Tutorials

Discussion Groups:
DevX vb.dotnet.technical Newsgroup
DevX vb.dotnet.discussion Discussion Group

Programming Microsoft Visual Basic.NET, by Francesco Balena.

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