From the Editor: DevX Joins Jupitermedia

From the Editor: DevX Joins Jupitermedia

n Friday afternoon, DevX, which has operated as an independently-owned media company for nearly four years, agreed to become part of a larger group of online publications. Jupitermedia, the publisher of a vast network of IT-related Web sites as well as top-quality development sites such as, CodeGuru, and Gamelan, is our new parent company. (Read the press release.)

Here at the offices of DevX we are very excited by the opportunities this alliance brings us. I’d like to share just a few of these thoughts with you.

First, DevX will remain the DevX that you know and trust. Our name, URL, logo, Web site structure and functionality will not change. In fact, if it were not for this announcement, you likely would not notice any change in DevX as a result of this change in ownership. Our editorial charter, the technologies we cover, and the way we cover them are not changing?now or ever.

Second, as a Jupitermedia property, DevX will become an associate of many other sites that focus on pragmatic, hands-on content for developers. It was a personal concern of our management and our editorial team that any company we might partner with would understand who our readers are and the unique nature of their information needs. We did not want to be pushed away from our core audience of developers. In this respect, we could not find a better partner than Jupitermedia. Take a few moments to browse the properties that our new parent company maintains by going to

As DevX’s CEO, Peter Horan recently said, “Jupitermedia offers DevX resources that will help us [be] more successful. A larger audience. More content. Access to more developers and IT managers. And the opportunity to work with research and events professionals.”

By becoming part of a fraternity of sites that all provide hands-on content for software developers, we will find new authors, new readers, and be able to stretch our resources further to develop functional enhancements for the site and to cover more technologies in more depth.

In short, we will be the same DevX we always were, only better. And we look forward to the daily challenge of earning your continued readership.

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