Are PMP Certifications Worth the Hype?

Are PMP Certifications Worth the Hype?

A recent article on argues that they certainly are. When it comes to salary figures, for example, the article sited a 2009 Project Management Institute survey that says project managers without certifications earn a median salary of $91,000. Those who hold project management certifications for between five to ten years on the other hand report earnings of over $108,000. Furthermore, even professionals who have less than five years of experience and PMP certification can earn above $100,000.

The article then goes on to detail how some industry recruiters think that PMP certification may soon no longer be optional. “In an interview with CIO magazine, IBM’s Steve DelGrosso identified a trend for large companies to require PMP certification from vendors. DelGrosso told CIO‘s Meridith Levinson, ‘if you can’t present a certified project manager on their deal, they won’t consider you.’”   


Learn more about PMP certification, the training requirements and more by reading the full article at

Now Is the Time for Project Management Certifications

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