November 9, 2010

You Just Inherited 1,000,000 Lines of Code — What do You do Next?

Inheriting code from another project or another company is a mixed blessing for developers. Finished code that works is always a plus, but what about code that works and is rotten at the same time? You’ve still got to work with it, maintain it, and possibly build on top of Launches IT Education Portal — the online IT news and information network and a sister site of – has unveiled a new education portal, The idea is this: From a single location, IT pros can gain access to a wealth of information on IT training and education that will help them

Are PMP Certifications Worth the Hype?

A recent article on argues that they certainly are. When it comes to salary figures, for example, the article sited a 2009 Project Management Institute survey that says project managers without certifications earn a median salary of $91,000. Those who hold project management certifications for between five to ten