Judging Java Timeline Pre-1995

Judging Java Timeline Pre-1995

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Jan. 15, 1991
Green Project begins.

– James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, Patrick Naughton start work on “Oak.”

Gosling creates “Oak” language.

– Oak project officially incorporated as “FirstPerson.”

TV Settop OS sale fails.
April 93
Mosaic browser released.

– Oak repurposed as a Web-centric programming language, renamed Java.

– FirstPerson broken up, its projects redistributed to Sun Interactive and LiveOak. Gosling develops browser “Webrunner” (later renamed HotJava) to demonstrate usefulness of Java in Web development.

– Java compiler, originally written in C, rewritten in Java. (Writing the compiler in the same language is a milestone in the development of a new language.)
May 23
Java officially announced at SunWorld Expo 95 by John Gage and Marc Andreessen.

May 27
– JDK 1.0 alpha released. World gets first real look at Java.
September 21
First unofficial “Java Day” event in New York.

Gamelan Web site launches.

October 30
Internet World Boston: Major vendors license Java.
Second (but the first “official”) Sun Java Day.

Sun forms JavaSoft division dedicated to pushing Java.
December 4
Netscape announces JavaScript.

December 6
IBM and Adobe license Java.

December 7
Microsoft licenses Java.
Summary of 1995:
From zero to 60 in 10 months: Java leaps into the public consciousness in 1995 as a dazzling client-side applet-maker, bringing dancing heads and interactivity to Web pages, and fueling visions of running roughshod over Microsoft.
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