July 1, 2001

The Gap Make That Canyon Between Java Jobs and Skilled Practitioners

ill the increasing importance of the Java programming language in the IT world eventually stunt its own growth? Ironically, the answer may be yes. Why? Because there aren’t nearly enough qualified people creating things in Java. The difficult-to-learn, cross-platform programming language may become a victim of its own success because

Judging Java Timeline – 1999

Go to:? pre-1995-1995? 1996? 1997? 1998? 2000-2001 = mouseover explanation = pop-up sidebar Jan. 13 Support for Java in digital TV announced at the Consumer Electronics Show. Jan. 25 Jini announced. Feb. 1 – PersonalJava 3.0 ships. Feb. 24 Java 2 source code released. March 4 – Java will support

Judging Java Timeline – 1996

Go to:? pre-1995-1995? 1997? 1998? 1999? 2000-2001 = mouseover explanation = pop-up sidebar Jan. 23 JDK 1.0 released. February JavaWorld launches. February Netscape Navigator 2.0 browser includes Java. JavaBeans announced. – Java Media APIs announced, providing Java access to multimedia sources such as audio, video, 2D and 3D applications, and

Judging Java Timeline – 1997

Go to:? pre-1995-1995? 1996? 1998? 1999? 2000-2001 = mouseover explanation = pop-up sidebar Jan. 11 – JavaBeans JDK released. Feb. 18 Java JDK 1.1 ships. Feb. 28 Java 1.1 support in Netscape Communicator. March 10 JNDI API released. March 11 – Sun says JDK 1.1 was downloaded 220,000 times in

Judging Java Timeline – 2000-2001

Go to:? pre-1995-1995? 1996? 1997? 1998? 1999 = mouseover explanation = pop-up sidebar Feb. 8 – Sun submits next versions of J2EE and J2SE to JCP. Feb. 29 – Java API for XML ships. April 6 – Sun will revise controversial JCP membership/authority to open up process and give members

Judging Java Timeline Pre-1995

Go to:? 1996? 1997? 1998? 1999? 2000-2001 = mouseover explanation = pop-up sidebarJan. 15, 1991 Green Project begins.1991-92 – James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, Patrick Naughton start work on “Oak.” Gosling creates “Oak” language. – Oak project officially incorporated as “FirstPerson.” 1993 TV Settop OS sale fails. April 93 Mosaic browser

Judging Java Timeline – 1998

Go to:? pre-1995-1995? 1996? 1997? 1999? 2000-2001 = mouseover explanation = pop-up sidebar Jan. 20 – JDK 1.1 cumulative downloads top 2 million, says Sun. March JFC ships with “Swing”. March – Microsoft releases Visual J++ 6.0, with keywords that only work in Windows, support only for MS’s Windows Foundation

More Useful Form-Building Routines

ast month’s column contained some ASP routines that made the task of building a form easy and elegant. This month I’ll extend the concept by showing you how to build List and Combo boxes automatically. Usually, these form controls need to display data from a database; therefore, the form-building routines

The VarHelper Add-in

This is a simple addin which scans your code files and enumerates all the variables it finds, telling you where they are used and if there is any problem (dead or not properly set variables). It also allows you to save the report as XML file. Best of all, the