Best MSI Laptop of 2024 [Expert Reviewed]

Best MSI Laptop of 2024 [Expert Reviewed]

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In the world of technology, MSI has established itself as a leading brand, known for its exceptional laptops. MSI laptops are like the supercars of computing, finely tuned to deliver unparalleled excellence in graphics, processing power, and speed. Whether you’re a gamer, a content creator, or a business professional, MSI offers a range of laptops to suit your needs. In this article, we will explore the best MSI laptops available in the market, delving into their specifications, performance, and unique features.

Quick List of the Best MSI Laptops

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Here is a quick list of the best MSI laptops that we will be discussing in detail:

  1. MSI Raider GE78 HX (13VH-070US)
  2. MSI Stealth 14 Studio
  3. MSI Titan GT77 HX (2023)
  4. MSI Creator Z16P
  5. MSI Prestige 13 Evo A13M
  6. MSI Katana 15

Best Overall: MSI Raider GE78 HX (13VH-070US)

The MSI Raider GE78 HX (13VH-070US) earns its place as the top MSI laptop for a good reason. It’s a beast in terms of power and performance. The heart of this laptop is its Intel Core i9-13950HX processor. This chip makes everything super fast, from opening big apps to playing the latest games. With 32GB of RAM, it can handle many tasks at once without slowing down. You also get a huge 2TB NVMe SSD. This means you have loads of space for games, videos, and all your work.

What really makes the Raider GE78 HX stand out is its Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 GPU with 12GB of VRAM. This graphics card brings games to life. You’ll see sharp details and smooth action in everything you play. The big 17-inch screen has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 and refreshes 240 times a second. This makes everything look super smooth and clear.

There’s also something really cool about its design. It has a rainbow road lightbar that adds a fun, colorful touch to your gaming setup. Plus, the display is vibrant, making everything from games to movies pop with color.

But, all this power comes at a cost. At $3,000, it’s a big investment. Yet, if you want the best performance and features in a laptop, the Raider GE78 HX is worth it. It’s perfect for gamers, creatives, and anyone who wants top-notch performance in their work and play.

Best All-Around Laptop: MSI Stealth 14 Studio

The MSI Stealth 14 Studio shines as the go-to laptop for those who need a machine that can handle anything. This laptop packs a serious punch with its 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700H processor. This processor means you can tackle big projects, run demanding software, or play the latest games without a hitch. The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 graphics card adds to its power. It ensures that everything from video editing to gaming is smooth and looks fantastic.

With 16GB of RAM, this laptop can multitask like a pro. Switch between apps, have dozens of tabs open, or stream music without slowing down. The 1TB NVMe SSD storage is super fast, too. It lets you save and access your files in a flash. Plus, you get a lot of space for all your important stuff.

The display on the Stealth 14 Studio is a real eye-catcher. Its 14-inch screen with QHD+ resolution and a 240Hz refresh rate makes everything look crisp and fluid. Whether you’re editing photos, watching movies, or gaming, the visuals are impressive.

Design-wise, the Stealth 14 Studio is sleek and stylish. It’s thin and light, making it easy to carry around. The keyboard is also a highlight. It’s clicky and responsive, which makes typing a joy, whether you’re working on a report or chatting with friends.

One thing to keep in mind is the battery life. While the Stealth 14 Studio is great for performance, its battery might not last as long as you’d like if you’re always on the move. But if you value power and portability, this laptop is a fantastic choice. It’s the perfect all-rounder for work, creativity, and play.

Best Gaming Laptop: MSI Titan GT77 HX (2023)

The MSI Titan GT77 HX (2023) stands out as the top pick for gamers who demand the best. This gaming beast isn’t just any laptop; it’s a complete desktop experience in a portable form. At its core, the Intel Core i9-13980HX processor provides incredible speed and power. This means it can run the most demanding games and software without breaking a sweat.

Gamers will be blown away by the 64GB of RAM this laptop offers. It’s perfect for gaming at the highest settings, running heavy applications, and multitasking without any lag. The storage setup is just as impressive, with dual 1TB SSDs. This not only gives you super-fast loading times but also plenty of space for all your games and files.

The graphics on the Titan GT77 HX are nothing short of stunning, thanks to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU. You’ll get to enjoy the most detailed and immersive gaming visuals available today. Whether you’re exploring vast game worlds or battling it out in fast-paced action, everything looks incredible.

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The display takes things to the next level. With a 4K resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate on a Mini LED screen, it delivers vibrant colors and super smooth motion. This makes every game you play look absolutely amazing, with clear, sharp details and fluid movement.

However, it’s worth noting that this powerhouse has a significant weight of 7.3 pounds. While it packs all the performance you could want, it’s not the easiest to carry around. But if you’re after the ultimate gaming laptop that leaves no stone unturned in terms of performance, the MSI Titan GT77 HX (2023) is the ultimate choice. It’s built for gamers who want the best, regardless of where they are.

Best Workstation: MSI Creator Z16P

The MSI Creator Z16P is a dream machine for professionals who need top-notch performance. This powerful workstation is designed to handle anything you throw at it. With a 12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900H processor at its heart, it makes short work of heavy tasks. Whether you’re editing high-resolution videos, working with complex 3D models, or crunching massive data sets, this laptop keeps up without a hiccup.

What really sets the Creator Z16P apart is its massive 64GB of RAM. This huge amount of memory allows for seamless multitasking. You can run multiple heavy applications at once, switch between them instantly, and not lose a beat. The 2TB SSD storage is another highlight. It offers plenty of room for all your projects and ensures that loading times are lightning fast.

For those who depend on top-tier visuals, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080Ti graphics card with 12GB of VRAM is a game-changer. It delivers stunning and smooth visuals, making it perfect for professional-grade content creation. Whether you’re editing videos, creating animations, or designing graphics, your work will look its best.

The display on the Creator Z16P enhances every visual. Its 16-inch QHD screen offers sharp, vibrant colors and crisp detail. This makes it a joy to work on, whether you’re fine-tuning a design or reviewing detailed documents.

Beyond its performance, the Creator Z16P is built to last. Its solid construction means it can handle the rigors of daily use, making it a reliable tool for serious professionals. If you’re a content creator or a power user in search of a laptop that combines brute strength with elegance, the MSI Creator Z16P stands out as the perfect workstation. It’s designed to bring your ideas to life, no matter how complex they are.

Best 13-inch Laptop: MSI Prestige 13 Evo A13M

The MSI Prestige 13 Evo A13M is a standout choice for anyone needing a laptop that’s both small and mighty. This 13-inch powerhouse packs a punch with its 13th Gen Intel Core i7 processor. It means you can expect swift and efficient performance, even when you’re tackling demanding business tasks or juggling multiple projects.

But it’s not just about speed. The Intel Iris Xe graphics ensure that everything from presentations to videos looks great. Even though it’s compact, you won’t compromise on visual quality. Whether you’re creating content or enjoying your favorite media, the visuals are sharp and vibrant.

What’s more, with 32GB of RAM, this laptop is a multitasking champion. You can have dozens of tabs open, stream music, and work on your projects—all at the same time, without any lag. The 1TB NVMe SSD storage is another huge plus. It gives you loads of space for all your files and ensures that everything loads up in a snap.

The Prestige 13 Evo also shines when it comes to its display and design features. The screen is bright, making it easy to work even in sunny conditions. The keyboard is responsive and satisfying to type on, which is great for long work sessions. Plus, the battery life is impressive. You can go through a whole day of work or travel without needing to plug in.

For professionals who are always on the move, the MSI Prestige 13 Evo A13M is an excellent option. It combines portability with performance in a way few laptops can. Whether you’re working from a café, traveling for business, or just need a reliable laptop for everyday tasks, this model won’t let you down. It’s the perfect blend of power and portability for professionals on the go.

Best Budget Gaming Laptop: MSI Katana 15

The MSI Katana 15 is the ideal pick for gamers watching their wallets without sacrificing quality gaming experiences. It comes equipped with a powerful 13th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU, ensuring that it can run the latest games smoothly. This processor, combined with 16GB of RAM, makes for seamless gameplay and efficient multitasking. Whether you’re in the heat of battle or managing your in-game resources, the Katana 15 keeps up without any hitches.

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Storage is another area where the Katana 15 shines. With a 1TB SSD, you get plenty of space to store your favorite games, along with quick load times. This means less waiting and more playing, making every gaming session as enjoyable as possible.

Graphics are at the heart of any gaming laptop, and the MSI Katana 15 doesn’t disappoint. The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card it packs is a powerhouse, offering smooth frame rates and stunning visuals. Games come to life on the Katana 15’s 15.6-inch IPS display, which boasts a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a high refresh rate of 144Hz. This ensures that motion looks fluid, from fast-paced action scenes to subtle movements, enhancing your immersion.

While it excels in many areas, the Katana 15 does have its compromises. Its display, while great for gaming, might not be as bright as some might prefer, which can affect visibility in very bright environments. Additionally, the battery life is average, so you might need to keep your charger handy during long gaming sessions.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the MSI Katana 15 stands out as an excellent value proposition. It’s proof that you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy high-quality gaming. With its solid performance, great graphics, and ample storage, it’s a top choice for gamers looking for an affordable yet capable laptop.

How to Choose the Right MSI Laptop

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When choosing an MSI laptop, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and use cases. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Intended Use: Determine whether you need a laptop for gaming, content creation, business, or general use.
  2. Processor: Look for a laptop with a powerful processor that can handle your workload.
  3. Graphics Card: If you’re a gamer or a content creator, a dedicated graphics card is crucial for smooth performance and high-quality visuals.
  4. RAM and Storage: Consider the amount of RAM and storage you need for multitasking and storing files.
  5. Display: Look for a laptop with a high-resolution display and a suitable screen size for your needs.
  6. Battery Life: If you need a laptop for on-the-go use, consider the battery life and portability.
  7. Budget: Set a budget and choose a laptop that offers the best value for your money.

How We Test MSI Laptops

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At DevX, we take testing MSI laptops seriously to give you the best advice. Our experts start by pushing each laptop to its limits. We run benchmark tests that measure how well the laptop handles work tasks, graphics, and games. This shows us if the laptop can keep up with your needs.

Next, we look at the laptop’s display quality. We check how bright the screen can get, how sharp the images are, and how accurate the colors look. This is important whether you’re gaming, creating content, or just binge-watching your favorite shows.

Battery life is another key area we test. We use the laptops like you would in real life to see how long they last on a single charge. This tells you if the laptop can keep up with your busy day or if you’ll need to stay close to a power outlet.

We don’t stop there. The build quality tells us how well the laptop is made. A good laptop should feel sturdy and last a long time. The keyboard and touchpad are important too. They should be comfortable to use, whether you’re typing up a report or navigating through apps. Lastly, we test the audio. Good sound can really enhance your experience, whether you’re in a video call, listening to music, or gaming.

Our reviews give you a full picture of each MSI laptop’s pros and cons. We aim to help you make a choice that fits your needs perfectly. Whether you’re looking for power, portability, or something in between, our thorough testing ensures you get reliable advice.

Why Trust DevX

Why should you trust DevX for your technology insights? Our reputation is built on the solid foundation of expertise and dedication. Our experts bring decades of experience in testing and evaluating laptops across brands, with a special focus on MSI. This deep knowledge allows us to offer you insights that are not just detailed but also accurate and fair.

At DevX, we are committed to unbiased reporting. We understand the importance of honest reviews in making informed decisions. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that every review and guide we publish is free from bias and based solely on our findings from rigorous testing and research.

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Our content is designed with you in mind. We aim to provide clear, informative, and helpful reviews that guide you through the maze of tech products. Whether you’re a gamer, a professional, or someone looking for the best tech to suit your lifestyle, we’re here to help. Our reviews delve into the performance, design, and value of the products, giving you a comprehensive view that can help you make the best purchase decisions.

Trust in DevX comes from our commitment to quality and reliability. Our readers know that when they come to us for advice, they’re getting information they can count on. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge so you can choose technology that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


MSI laptops are known for their exceptional performance, innovative features, and stylish designs. Whether you’re a gamer, a content creator, or a business professional, MSI has a laptop that can meet your needs. From the powerful Raider GE78 HX to the versatile Stealth 14 Studio, each laptop offers a unique set of features and capabilities. By considering factors such as intended use, processor, graphics card, and budget, you can choose the right MSI laptop for your requirements. Trust in our expertise and comprehensive reviews to guide you in making the best decision. Embrace the power and performance of MSI laptops and elevate your computing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are MSI laptops any good?

Yes, MSI laptops are highly regarded, especially among gamers and professionals. They are known for their powerful performance, high-quality displays, and innovative features. Whether you’re looking for a gaming powerhouse or a sleek workstation, MSI has options that offer great value and performance.

Is MSI a Chinese brand?

No, MSI (Micro-Star International) is a Taiwanese multinational information technology corporation. They are headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan, and are renowned for their computer hardware, including laptops, desktops, motherboards, and graphics cards.

Which is better, HP or MSI?

The choice between HP and MSI depends on your needs. HP offers a wide range of laptops that cater to general consumers, businesses, and gamers. MSI, on the other hand, is particularly known for its gaming and high-performance laptops. If gaming or intensive tasks are your priority, MSI might be the better choice. For everyday use and business laptops, HP offers great options.

Which is better, Asus or MSI?

Both Asus and MSI are leading brands in the gaming and high-performance laptop market. Asus offers a wide variety of laptops, including the renowned ROG (Republic of Gamers) series. MSI is also highly regarded for its gaming laptops, such as the GT, GS, GE, and GP series. The choice comes down to specific models, personal preferences, and the features you value most in a laptop.

What are the cons of MSI laptops?

Some cons of MSI laptops can include higher prices, especially for their top-tier gaming models. Additionally, while MSI laptops offer powerful performance, some models might have shorter battery life compared to less powerful laptops. The brand’s focus on gaming and high-performance laptops also means there might be fewer options for those seeking ultra-portable or budget-friendly models.

Do MSI laptops last long?

Yes, MSI laptops are designed to be durable and long-lasting, especially when properly maintained. Their high-end components and build quality mean they can handle intensive use, making them a good investment for gamers and professionals. However, like any laptop, longevity will depend on usage, care, and maintenance.

Which is better, Lenovo or MSI?

Lenovo offers a broad range of laptops, including the ThinkPad series favored by business users and the Legion series for gamers. MSI focuses more on gaming and high-performance laptops. For business and everyday use, Lenovo might offer more options, while MSI is often preferred by gamers and those needing high-performance machines.

Which is better, Dell or MSI?

Dell provides a diverse lineup of laptops, including the XPS series for premium users and the Alienware series for gamers. MSI is mainly focused on the gaming sector. If you’re looking for a gaming laptop, both MSI and Alienware offer great choices. For business, everyday use, and premium ultraportables, Dell’s XPS and Inspiron series are worth considering.

Is MSI a high-end brand?

Yes, MSI is considered a high-end brand, especially in the gaming and performance laptop market. They are known for using top-tier components, offering laptops with powerful processors, high-quality graphics cards, and features aimed at gamers and professionals. While MSI does offer some mid-range options, their focus and reputation are strongly tied to their high-performance laptops.

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