The Best Online Games Genres You Should Try

The Best Online Games Genres You Should Try

Online Games Genres

The gaming industry is huge and has a variety of different genres and formats to suit every taste, gameplay, and duration of gaming session.

We will analyze three cult projects that became the founders of an entire genre. You should play them to try out the mechanics of dark fantasy, royal battle for survival, and a full-fledged MMO RPG.

You can try Diablo 4 boosting levels and heroes, landing in PUBG, and pumping up your hero on the side of the Horde or the Alliance in World of Warcraft.

Online Games Genres

Diablo 4

If you love adventure as it is and the constant process of grinding as a format for conducting your gaming sessions, then you will like the idea of ​​Diablo 4. You must complete the game five times with a constant increase in the level of difficulty and quality of the drop you will receive, starting from ordinary quality to holy – a new and most valuable item with maximum characteristics and bonuses to skills for all available classes.

This dark fantasy consists of acts and difficulty levels. It allows the player to play through the game several times and constantly increases the difficulty level, strengthening the monsters and giving them protective properties.

You will constantly be searching for enhancements for your chosen hero and class, which you achieve through equipment and weapon parameters, enhancing basic skills from high-quality items, and collecting kits for your hero.

The chance of dropping items that will be more valuable and useful than simple types of weapons that are not even worth picking up can be accelerated by increasing the parameter for finding a magic item.

It is achieved through amulets with the desired parameter, special gems, and runes.

The higher the difficulty level you are currently playing, the more valuable equipment and weapons you can get in the process.

Unlike previous versions of Diablo, it is now much easier for players to develop their characters, especially on a higher difficulty level.

For example, you can now reset the hero’s stat points and learned skills at any time and choose a new format for character development, whereas previously, any mistake led to the need to start playing as a new character.

Now, you also have access to holy armor, which is more valuable than even the legendary armor and weapons familiar to all players.

Each new playthrough will significantly complicate your gameplay but will open up a new experience and bring you into the Endgame format, in which PVP and the opportunity to receive truly valuable items and go through season formats, which are regularly added by Blizzard developers, will be available.

Remember to try out different characters with different gameplay and approaches, which can diversify your game and bring new experiences.

Online Games Genres

World of Warcraft

This is a multifaceted and most recognizable project in the MMO RPG genre. It allows players to choose their side of the conflict and class and explore Azeroth and all available locations and updates.

You will complete quests and destroy monsters, master professions, engage in various crafting and resource accumulation, fight with other players, and constantly level up your hero.

MMO RPG is popular due to constant competition between players and mixing factors of persistence and luck to develop the hero.

For example, a battle between players is often decided in favor of luck – who will have a critical attack earlier and more often, and so on.

Also, regarding rewards, some are lucky to immediately knock out a legendary weapon from the boss, while others will farm the raid ten times and still not achieve the same result.

This is the charm for many players, which can be compensated by your efforts and the duration of the gaming sessions that you are willing to spend in the game.

In WoW, you will always have allies and enemies because of the faction system and irreconcilable enmity between the horde and alliance factions. Having chosen your path, you will no longer be able to change it.

They differ more in appearance because Blizzard has long removed their visible differences.

You will be able to fight each other in adjacent locations in hunts, arenas, or during large-scale battles for control of disputed territories.

You will level up at the locations of updates that have already been released and strive for new additions that are released regularly, in which there is the biggest race for resources and new types of equipment, weapons, and raids.

You can hunt independently or as part of a group, complete quests, or order boosting services in Skycoach.

In this format, you transfer a character to a professional player and develop the hero to the level you need.

Upgrading is done by the player’s hands, without automation of the process or special programs, eliminating unnecessary attention from the game administration.

The process is fast because players replace each other for constant progress, but at the same time, account data does not leave the SkyCoach service.

By transferring your account, you automatically receive guarantees that nothing will happen to your character, account, or valuable items, and they are provided in financial form.

Moreover, when the process is completed, you will receive all the valuable items obtained during the hunt and left in the character’s warehouse as a bonus.

This is a good format for starting the game when you don’t need to look for additional equipment and weapons.

Online Games Genres


This is the first battle royale project in the gaming industry, which introduced a large-area survival format with a constant search for weapons and e-sports potential for groups of four players.

The project is constantly developing, and it has already been announced that PUBG will be transferred to Unreal Engine 5 and that more destructibility factors will be added to the game map.

You will fly on a plane over a huge territory and choose a landing site where you will compete with 99 other players. When the match starts, all the players will fly down, look for weapons, and fight against each other.

The game will be divided into phases and a few minutes after the main players land, the first decrease in the playing arena will begin.

This is necessary to force players into battle and remove the option for many players to hide from battles and gain an advantage against the efforts of other players.

If you ignore the circle, the character will lose health until he dies.

The circle will narrow several more times until it leaves a small arena, which will decide who will remain the top 1 player on the game map and who will take the most coins and will qualify for a rank increase.


Players who want to have an irreplaceable gaming experience should try different genres, at least to understand what exactly they like best – which formats.

Diablo is a great adventure and an opportunity to grind and fight evil alone or with friends endlessly.

PUBG is a shooter and survival format in which players can play either alone or as part of a squad. Victory is influenced by luck and skill, and battles captivate 100 players at once on fictional maps.

World of Warcraft is an MMO RPG in which you can constantly develop your hero and class, participate in large-scale battles and raids, and compete with other players.


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