Benefits of Dedicated Connection Solutions for Cloud Services

Benefits of Dedicated Connection Solutions for Cloud Services

Benefits of Dedicated Connection Solutions for Cloud Services

Businesses and companies offering managed services often use cloud computing to advance their IT plans. Yet transitioning to the cloud comes with hurdles related to connectivity that could impact the effectiveness, safety, and dependability of cloud services. This piece explores the advantages of using dedicated connection solutions options like Epsilons Cloud Connect to connect with cloud service providers (CSPs). It provides a detailed roadmap for handling the intricacies of connecting to the cloud.

Revolutionizing Cloud Computing with Dedicated Connections

New Horizons in IT Infrastructure

The adoption of cloud computing marks a significant shift in how enterprises approach their IT infrastructure. Over 60% of security professionals now view the risk of breaches in public cloud environments as comparable to or lower than that of on-premise solutions. The cloud’s mainstream acceptance is underscored by its scalability, agility, and cost-efficiency, driving enterprises toward digital transformation.

Overcoming Connectivity Challenges

While there are benefits to moving to the cloud, there are also obstacles along the way. Some difficulties include service disruptions, performance issues, and security concerns often linked to connectivity options. Conventional networking systems that depend on the internet do not adequately tackle these issues, underscoring the necessity for a strategy in cloud connectivity.

The Superiority of Dedicated Connection Solutions

Direct Cloud Connections; The Best Way Forward

Direct links to the cloud are increasingly favored. They address the internet’s limitations by ensuring reliable access to cloud services. These connections establish a path to cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, tackling issues related to performance and security commonly encountered on the public internet.

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Improved Performance and Safety

Direct connections guarantee high-speed access to cloud resources with delays, steering clear of the congested and unpredictable routes of the public internet. This direct path significantly lowers the risk of cyber threats, data breaches, and service interruptions, creating an environment for sensitive data.

Cost. Flexibility

In addition to boosting performance and security, dedicated connections also bring cost advantages by reducing data transfer costs linked with public cloud services. Businesses can efficiently manage their environments, adjusting capacity as needed without facing expenses.

Streamlining Cloud Connectivity

Global connectivity providers offer solutions that bridge this divide for businesses away from data centers by providing links to clouds through on-ramps. This strategy simplifies the landscape of cloud connectivity for enterprises lacking expertise in handling intricate networking setups.

The Impact of Network as a Service (NaaS) on Cloud Connectivity

NaaS platforms bring about an advancement in cloud networking by providing tools and environments that reduce the need for investments in network infrastructure. These platforms enable automated connections to the cloud, cutting down on provisioning time and operational expenses. By simplifying the connection process, NaaS platforms help bridge the skills gap in IT infrastructure management and make cloud connectivity more accessible to businesses.

Real Life Success Stories; A Detailed Look at Cloud Connectivity Solutions

An example of the advantages of cloud connections is seen in the experience of an Asian multinational investment holding conglomerate. With business branches scattered across Singapore, this conglomerate encountered challenges in accessing its cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Initially, they set up their ERP system at their Hong Kong office with a link to Microsoft Azure. The success of this setup motivated them to expand this framework to their operations in other countries.

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The Challenge

The large corporation, with operations spanning five continents in industries such as estate, hospitality, transportation, media, shipping, trade, environmental services, and charitable endeavors, aimed to mirror the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its successful Hong Kong ERP system worldwide. The main objective was to reduce long-term expenses and boost productivity by establishing a dependable connection to Microsoft Azure across its global ventures. Before settling on a solution, the corporation encountered challenges in securing cost-effective direct access to Microsoft Azure. Dealing with managing cloud connections compounded the issue, highlighting the need for a streamlined and efficient cloud connectivity approach.

Epsilon’s Solution and the Results

Epsilon tackled these obstacles by providing a cloud access solution through its Cloud Connect service. The strategy involved deploying two ExpressRoute circuits to Microsoft Azure from Epsilon’s Points of Presence (PoP) at Equinix SG1 and Global Switch Tai Seng in Singapore. This strategic utilization of routes significantly bolstered resilience and ensured a reliable connection to the cloud.

Epsilon’s solution introduced a secure option for bypassing the Internet by linking the conglomerate to Microsoft Azure through Epsilon’s MEF-certified Ethernet service.
This comprehensive cloud connectivity solution helped the company smoothly transition its ERP workload to Microsoft Azure without disruptions. Moreover, the Epsilons Cloud Connect solution, accessible via the Infiny platform, offers an approach to acquiring, deploying, and managing cloud connections. This resolved the issue of accessing Microsoft Azure and prepared the company for establishing direct connections with various cloud service providers (CSPs) in the future.

By implementing Epsilons Cloud Connect solution, the company successfully gained access to its cloud-based ERP system using a cost connectivity model. This case study demonstrates how dedicated cloud connectivity solutions can be transformative in overcoming obstacles to cloud adoption, such as performance challenges, security concerns, and the complexity of managing cloud environments.

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Choosing the path to the cloud

This real-life example highlights the significance of aligning IT infrastructure with everyday work requirements increasingly involving cloud services. Opting for a connection to the cloud in private, multi-cloud, or hybrid settings is crucial for businesses looking to address limitations associated with reliance on public internet connections.
Utilizing cloud connections can give businesses an advantage and set them up for success.

The conglomerate’s example clearly demonstrates the real advantages of dedicated cloud connections, such as better performance, lower expenses, and increased dependability. It highlights how forming alliances with providers of connectivity solutions, like Epsilon, can transform the way companies access cloud services, pushing them ahead in their evolution paths.

Conclusion: Embracing the Future of Cloud Connectivity

The journey to cloud computing necessitates reevaluating traditional IT infrastructure and connectivity strategies. Dedicated connection solutions offer a pathway to overcoming the inherent challenges of the public internet, heralding a new era of performance, security, and efficiency in cloud services. As enterprises continue to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, adopting direct cloud connections stands out as a critical step toward achieving a competitive edge in the next-generation digital world.


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