Common Public Radio Interface

Definition of Common Public Radio Interface The Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) is a standardized protocol for communication between baseband processing units (BBUs) and remote radio units (RRUs) in mobile


Definition of Camfecting Camfecting refers to the unauthorized hacking or accessing of someone’s webcam, typically without their knowledge or consent. The motive behind camfecting is usually to spy on or

Computational Storage

Definition of Computational Storage Computational storage refers to an emerging technology that integrates processing power directly into storage devices, allowing data processing tasks to be performed within the storage unit

Computed Axial Lithography

Definition of Computed Axial Lithography Computed Axial Lithography (CAL) is an advanced 3D printing technology that uses digital light projection and controlled rotations to create 3D objects. Utilizing a distribution

Content Services Platform

Definition of Content Services Platform A Content Services Platform (CSP) is a software solution that facilitates the management, organization, and storage of digital content. It allows users to access, share,


Definition of Cryptomining Cryptomining, short for cryptocurrency mining, is the process of validating digital currency transactions and adding them to a public ledger called a blockchain. This is achieved by


Definition of Chiplet A chiplet is a small, modular semiconductor component that, when combined with other chiplets, forms a single, larger functional unit. This approach of assembling multiple chiplets together

Counterfeit App

Definition of Counterfeit App A counterfeit app is an unauthorized application that mimics or imitates legitimate software for the purpose of deceiving users. Typically, these apps are distributed through unofficial

Centricity Enterprise Web

Definition of Centricity Enterprise Web Centricity Enterprise Web is a healthcare information technology solution developed by GE Healthcare. It provides a web-based platform for healthcare professionals to securely access patient