Automatically Upgrade Workstation EXEs

Automatically Upgrade Workstation EXEs

I’m programming for a LAN and quite often I add requested features to the program. The LAN is set up so that each workstation is running its own copy of the program and is only reading/writing data files on the server. This arrangement has significantly increased the startup speed of the program; however, when the EXE file is changed, all the workstation programs must be changed. I get around having to go to each station with this program:

 Private Sub Form_Load()	On Error GoTo errorhandler	' the Command function Returns the 	' argument portion of the command 	' line used to launch Microsoft 	' Visual Basic or an executable 	' program developed with Visual Basic.	' ie:(thisprog.exe c:localdirprgcopied.exe 	' k:servrdirprgtocopy.exe)	If FileDateTime(Left(Command$, _		InStr(Command$, " ") - 1)) 


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