Binding With Microsoft Word Type Library

Binding With Microsoft Word Type Library

The benefit of early binding is that performance improves and code doesnot need to be localized for each international version of Word. This istrue only for the function that is being called, not the strings that arepassed as parameters. Performance gains are two to 10 times faster, somileage will vary. Word is one of the easiest Office applications to completely early bind,because it has so few exposed objects. To early bind the Word Basic object,follow these steps:

  • Select References from the Tools menu.
  • Select Microsoft WordBasic 95 Type Library or browse for WB70EN32.TLB.This file can be obtained from Microsoft on Compuserve, Internet, or MSN.
  • In the declarations section of your code add:
     [Dim|Private|Public|Global] objReference as _	Word.WordBasic
  • Initialize the objReference variable by using GetObject or CreateObject:
     Private Sub Command1_Click()	Dim objReference As Word.WordBasic	Set objReference = CreateObject("Word.Basic")	With objReference		.FileNewDefault		.Insert Text:="Hello from Me to you."		.InsertPara	End WithEnd Sub
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