Fading Colors

Fading Colors

Use this as a fast way to paint the background of any form witha really cool “fading” color (lighter at top to darkerat bottom). To specify base color, pass True/False for Red, Green,and Blue. Use combinations to fade blue, red, green, yellow, purple,gray, and so on:

 Sub FadeForm (frm As Form, Red%, _         Green%, Blue%)         Dim SaveScale%, SaveStyle%, _                SaveRedraw%         Dim i&, j&, x&, y&, pixels%         ' Save current settings.         SaveScale = frm.ScaleMode         SaveStyle = frm.DrawStyle        SaveRedraw = frm.AutoRedraw         ' Paint screen.         frm.ScaleMode = 3         pixels = Screen.Height / _                Screen.TwipsPerPixelY         x = pixels / 64# + .5         frm.DrawStyle = 5         frm.AutoRedraw = True         For j = 0 To pixels Step x                y = 240 - 245 * j  pixels                'can tweak this to preference.                If y < 0 Then y = 0                'just in case.                frm.Line (-2, j - 2)- _                        (Screen.Width + 2, j + _                        x + 3), RGB(-Red * y, -Green _                                * y, -Blue * y), BF         Next j         ' Reset to previous settings.         frm.ScaleMode = SaveScale         frm.DrawStyle = SaveStyle         frm.AutoRedraw = SaveRedrawEnd Sub

For blue fading, just put this in the Form_Load procedure:

 FadeForm Me, False, False, True

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