Incorrect API Listings

Incorrect API Listings

APILOD16.EXE and APILOD32.EXE access the file WIN32API.TXT toallow the programmer to paste the TYPE declarations needed tocall the Win32 API.

The file WIN32API.TXT incorrectly allots a LONG field to eachbit field the API requires. A misalignment in parameters results,rendering those TYPEs somewhere between dangerous and useless.This could be very difficult to debug.

WIN32API.TXT (incorrectly) shows:

 Type COMSTAT        fCtsHold As Long                ' wrong!        fDsrHold As Long                ' wrong!        fRlsdHold As Long               ' wrong!        fXoffHold As Long               ' wrong!        fXoffSent As Long               ' wrong!        fEof As Long                    ' wrong!        fTxim As Long                   ' wrong!        fReserved As Long               ' wrong!        cbInQue As Long        cbOutQue As LongEnd Type

The WIN31API.TXT correctly says:

 Type COMSTAT        bunch_Of_Bits As Long        cbInQue As Long        cbOutQue As LongEnd Type


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