Easy-to-Implement Status Bar with Spyworks

Easy-to-Implement Status Bar with Spyworks

The SBCEasy custom control that comes with Desaware’s SpyWorks-VB canbe used to update a status bar whenever the mouse moves over any controlor form in your application. All you need to do is set the MouseTransitproperty to start tracking the mouse with SBCEasy. SBCEasy receives a MouseEnterand MouseExit event each time the mouse enters and exits a control or form.You can add code in these events to update your status bar with the appropriatehelp text. The Tag property of a control is one possible place to store the statusbar help text. During a MouseEnter event, you can retrieve the string fromthe Tag property of the control the mouse is currently in and update thestatus bar. SBCEasy’s TransitHctl property contains the VB control handleof the control the mouse is currently in. You can then pass the TransitHctlto the dwGetPropertyValue function to retrieve the Tag property. Here’san example:

 SBCEasy1_MouseEnter(...) dim iresptr%, tagstr$ : tagstr$ = dwGetPropertyValue(SBCEasy1.TransitHctl, _ "Tag", iresptr%) If iresptr% = 0 Then StatusBar.Caption = tagstr$ : : End Sub 


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