Doubling Quotes in SQL Server

Doubling Quotes in SQL Server

This routine parses a string and returns an equivalent string where all the instances of a given substring are doubled. This is especially useful for doubling quotes within SQL statements to be passed to Access or other database engines that expect double quote marks to represent a single quote mark:

 Public Function DoubleString (_	ByVal str As String, _	ByVal strDoubleString As String) As String	Dim intStringLength As Integer	Dim intDoubleStringLength As Integer	Dim intPosition As Integer	Dim strTemp As String	intStringLength = Len(str)	intDoubleStringLength = _		Len(strDoubleString)	strTemp = str	If intStringLength >= _		intDoubleStringLength And _		intDoubleStringLength > 0 Then		intPosition = 1		Do While (intPosition > 0) And _			(intPosition <= intStringLength)			intPosition = InStr(intPosition, _				strTemp, strDoubleString)			If intPosition > 0 Then				strTemp = Left(strTemp, _					intPosition - 1 + _					intDoubleStringLength) & _					strDoubleString & _					Mid(strTemp, intPosition + _					intDoubleStringLength, _					intStringLength)				intStringLength = Len(strTemp)				intPosition = intPosition + _					(intDoubleStringLength * 2)			End If		Loop	End If	DoubleString = strTempEnd Function
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