Improve Performance by Eliminating Subexpression

Improve Performance by Eliminating Subexpression

Arrays can reduce the amount of code you must write to perform an operation, especially when used with a loop. By using the same array element in multiple places in your code, you can increase the speed with which your code executes if you resolve the array only once. This code determines if the value of the array element is this value, or if the value of the array element is that value:

 If intArray(intArrayIndex) = 5 or _	intArray(intArrayIndex) = 10 Then

Because Visual Basic must calculate the location of the array element to resolve its value (base + intArrayIndex * sizeof_intArray_type), it makes sense that the code executes faster the less the calculation is performed. This code provides a faster implementation:

 TheValue = intArray(intArrayIndex)If TheValue = 5 or TheValue = 10 Then

This technique offers performance gains that are even more dramatic when used in a loop:

 For intArrayIndex = 0 to 10TheValue = intArray(intArrayIndex)If TheValue = 5 or TheValue = 10 Then	' Do something hereEnd IfNext

By eliminating the redundant subexpression and assigning the value to the variable named “TheValue” only once per loop (executes 10 times) instead of twice per loop (executes 20 times), you significantly reduce the amount of work that VB must perform to complete this loop.

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