Easily Create All Directories in a Path

Use this code to create a tree of folders on Windows 95 or NT 4.0 in one line:

 Private Declare Function _	MakeSureDirectoryPathExists Lib "IMAGEHLP.DLL" _	(ByVal DirPath As String) As LongPrivate Sub Command1_Click()	Dim MyPath As String	Dim bResult As Long	'Specify the directory that we need	MyPath = "C:Win95TempMyFolder" & _		"MyFolderFld1Fld2"	'Now create that directory if it does exist. 	'The entire path will be created if needed 	bResult = MakeSureDirectoryPathExists(MyPath)	'Test for failure	If bResult = 0 Then		MsgBox "MakeSureDirectoryPathExists failed!"	End IfEnd Sub
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